Information for oral presenters

We are excited and happy to welcome you soon at ESCAP 2017 in Geneva! To make the most out of your oral presentation we have prepared the following information for you (information for poster presenters is available here):

Preparation of your oral presentation

Presentation format: 
Powerpoint (PPT,PPTX)

Presentation time:
10 minutes (excluding questions)

Please note:
If your presentation has been submitted as part of a symposium, we kindly ask you to coordinate with the organizer/submitter of the symposium regarding the exact structure and length of your presentation, as this may vary depending on the symposium you are in (10 minutes is the pre-requisite for presentations in sessions called "Oral Session" in the conference planner.)

  • Oral presenters are asked to bring their presentation on a mobile device (=USB stick) for delivery at the Speaker ready room of the CICG Geneva no later than 30 minutes prior to the session start.
  • Laptops as well as beamers are pre-installed in all session rooms. 
  • All presentation slides must be entirely prepared in English

All further details on your session can be found in the online congress planer. Use the full text search to search for titles, presenters, etc...

Enrich your oral presentation (online)

If you would like to enrich your oral presence, you can upload a presentation or information file, which will be published instantaneously in the conference planner available online to all participants and interested parties.

Use the login details you used for submitting your contribution and click "Details" next to your contribution to upload or administer your file upload:

We recommend using the following file types: 
PDF, DOC, DOCX  |  Maximum file size: 10MB

Online Registration

Please note, that all presenters are required to register online to present at ESCAP 2017.

If you have not yet registered, please do so at your earliest convenience, but no later than June 15th 2017.

Click on the following link for rates and online registration: