Paper Submission

The submission of a contribution/an abstract is closed. 

Please contact the Registration Office if you have any question regarding your submission.

Information and guidelines


  • Clinical application - hypnosis in psychotherapy
  • Clinical application - medical hypnosis
  • Clinical application - hypnosis with children
  • Clinical application - integrative approaches
  • Research - clinical
  • Research - mechanisms
  • Training and education

Types of presentation

Oral presentation

Short oral scientific contributions, presented one after another, in a topics related session/symposia during a parallel session. The slots are assigned by the program committee.

Duration: 15 min. (incl. 5 min. of Q&A)
Form: The talk should reflect your key findings and convey them to the audience in an engaging way. 
Submission as: Paper: Individual oral contribution 



If you would like to organize an entire thematic session/symposia around a topic you can propose a session with several different oral presentations one after the other. 

Duration: 90 min. 
Form: You form a group, determine your topic, submit your proposal with up to 5 individual presenters. Please plan 15 minutes for Q&A time.
Submission as: Session: Group oral contribution



The idea of a workshop is to actively involve participants and convey to them theoretical but also practical content in an engaging way. A workshop may be held by an individual or several persons.

Duration: 90 min.
Form: While there are no rules on how to hold a workshop, it should be as interactive as possible, actively engaging participants. 
Submission as: Paper: Contribution as workshop



Posters are a compact way to display scientific results. The conference agenda includes time for participants to visit the poster exhibition. The presenting author is required to be present during the poster sessions (and thus also register for the Congress).

Format: Printed World Format poster (128 cm high x 89.5 cm wide) Orientation: portrait
Structure: Information in brief written and graphic form, e.g. with photographs, drawings, graphics and diagrams.
Please find below some templates:
Template 1
Template 2
Submission as: Paper: Contribution by poster



15.12.2019 Extended submission deadline for papers or sessions
20.02.2020 Confirmation of acceptance sent
05.03.2020 Publication of detailed programme on the event website
12.04.2020 End of Early bird registration

Guidelines for submission

General information

  • All papers or sessions are to be submitted in English, German or French and online. 
  • Once accepted, papers or sessions can be presented in English, German or French.

Author information

Please be sure to accurately complete the registration forms including information on all contributing authors/co-authors: full name, institution, organisation, address and email address.
The person making the submission is wholly responsible for the accuracy of the information. The information will be printed as submitted.

Presenting authors
Every paper or session must name at least one presenting author. The presenting author and participating co-authors need to register separately.

Submitting individual papers

Oral presentation, workshops or posters

  • Abstracts can have up to 2,500 characters (including spaces).
  • Please structure your paper/session as follows: Introduction | Methods | Outcome | Conclusion & Outlook
  • To ensure the best possible presentation of your paper when it is published, please avoid any unnecessary formatting.
  • Please check all information thoroughly before submitting, as all information pertaining to your paper will be published as submitted.

Submitting a session/symposia

Be sure to include the following information in your submission:

A) Basic information

  • Title (of the session)
  • Topic (from above choices) corresponding best to your presentation
  • Short summary (max. 1,000 characters including spaces)
  • Your personal data or the data of your designated chair person
  • Co-chairs if relevant

B) Details of the session

  • If you submit a session you can write a global thematic paper and individual papers from the different presenters. Reminder: a maximum of 5 papers can join a session.
  • Each individual paper can have up to 2,500 characters (including spaces).
  • To ensure the best possible presentation of your paper when it is published, please avoid any unnecessary formatting.
  • Please check all information thoroughly before submitting. Your contribution will be published as submitted.


Submitted papers/sessions will be used for: 

  • online evaluation
  • the committee’s selection meetings
  • publication of the abstract on the event website
  • publication of the documents in event-specific printed material, e.g. in the event program


The presenting authors must attend the event. Please note that all the presenting authors need to register separately.