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The IFOMPT conference with the pre- and post-courses is taking place from 2-7 July 2024. We would like to create an affordable accommodation offer for participants from low- and middle income countries.

***Due to the high demand for accommodation, it is currently not possible to apply as a guest. We look forward to receiving your application as a host.***

Provide private accommodation

Billeting is when a local host welcomes a visiting PT into their home during the duration of an event such as a conference.

Why Billet?

Billeting offers a rewarding and exciting opportunity to hosts willing to open their homes to visiting PTs. Key benefits to the host include:

  • Build lifelong relationships with PTs from around the world;
  • Assist less travelled PTs by providing a safe and comfortable environment that enables them to attend the conference
  • Assist the PTs who are placed with them to lessen expenses, making participation in the conference and related events accessible to them; and
  • Showing support to SVOMP and IFOMPT allowing them to include as many participants as possible from all areas of the world and all socio economic groups.

Who can become a host?

Local PTs and their families with a spare room or space to accommodate visiting PTs. Visiting PTs can be overwhelmed with international travel and/or simply not be able to afford staying in hotels. 

By becoming a host, certain responsibilities are acknowledged:

  • Treat the billet as a member of your family;
  • Inform the guest of your expectations and house rules; confirm the hosting agreement with him/her
  • Advise the guest on the use of public transport from the accommodation to the venue;


  1. SVOMP to facilitate the process of finding potential hosts and guests and of matching them up. However, SVOMP will not be involved with the actual hosting arrangements and troubleshooting – that will be solely between the matched-up hosts and guests.
  2. SVOMP takes no responsibility for the billeting/matching arrangement.
  3. Potential hosts should complete the below form.
  4. SVOMP will be regularly reviewing applications and will connect hosts and guests via email to allow to work out the details of the hosting/billeting arrangement