Confirmed Workshops

The programme committee is happy to announce the confirmed Practical Workshops. 


Making sense of pain sensitivity: clinical application of the science
Darren Beales, Curtin University
Niamh Moloney, University of Auckland
Thorvaldur Palsson, Aalborg University Hospital
Trudy Rebbeck, University of Sydney

"I still have a headache and I am dizzy, I've done my exercises, why am I not better??" A complex cervical spine case reflecting the need for diverse expertise
Gwen Jull, University of Queensland
Duncan Reid, Auckland University of Technology
Trudy Rebbeck, University of Sydney

Safe management of people with neck pain and headache: a contemporary approach
Nathan Hutting, HAN University of Applied Sciences
Rik Kranenburg, Hanze University of Applied Sciences
Lucy Thomas, University of Queensland
Louie Puentedura, Baylor University
Firas Mourad, LUNEX University

Motivational Interviewing: Managing Patients with Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain
John Seivert, Body Logic Physical Therapy