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Beitragstitel Isolated diaphyseal fracture of the fibula in a 6 year old child. A case report.
Beitragscode P091
  1. Igor Gossuin Hôpital Fribourgeois Site Riaz Vortragender
  2. Darius Marti hôpital fribourgeois (HFR)
Präsentationsform Poster
  • A7 - Spezialgebiet 1 | Kinder & Infekte
Abstract Introduction
Children are at high risk of injury with up to one of every four children sustaining an injury annually; fractures are associated with 10% to 25% of these injuries and are sex and age related. Fractures of the lower leg in children are common. 15% of pediatric long bone fractures involve the lower leg, mostly affecting the tibia shaft (55%); isolated fibular fractures occur in 13% of cases, but most of them are localized in the distal epiphysis. However, isolated greenstick diaphyseal fibula fractures are rare. Very little has been described in the literature so far, especially when it comes to treatment of such fractures

We present a case of isolated greenstick diaphyseal fracture of the fibula in a 6 year old child. Classified as AO 42f-D/2.1.

Case report
A 6 year-old child fell from the trampoline and landed with a direct blow to his left fibula on the metal frame. An isolated in valgus impacted greenstick fracture of the fibula shaft AO 42f-D/2.1 was diagnosed with a 20° deformation. For reduction and fixation a 2.0mm titanium elastic nail (TEN) was inserted in a retrograde fashion. The postoperative radiographs showed an anatomical reduction of the fracture. A walking cast was applied for 5 weeks. Further radiographs were done at 1 week, 5 weeks, 7 weeks and 7 months respectively. The TEN was removed after 7 months.

Post-operative follow up showed fast consolidation of the fracture without secondary displacement.

In order to prevent valgus deformity we recommend treating isolated diaphyseal fractures of the fibula in children with an intramedullary titanium elastic nail. Though this was our only case we can strongly recommend the use of this technique because of its simplicity and good functional outcome.