Swiss OT research day. Pushing OT research forward, together.

Over the past few years, occupational therapy research has grown significantly within Switzerland's universities of applied sciences. However, research projects at national level are still rare (GAS, OT Workforce). National collaborative projects are complex to design and manage, but they also bring significant benefits in matter of scope, clinical relevance, professional impact and funding opportunities.

To foster better acquaintance among us and explore the possibility of collaborative projects, we invite you to an inaugural day of exchange and networking for researchers in occupational therapy or occupation sciences in Switzerland (SUPSI, ZHAW, HES-SO, universities, clinical settings, etc.).

On the 23. of May, we will start the day at 11 o’clock and end around 18.00.
The attendance will be free of charge for the OT researchers (MSc degree is required).
The main issue will be networking among Swiss OT researchers. We will discuss following research topics in small groups:

  • How do we solve challenges of our professions? Research in professional development and politics
  • Occupational therapy intervention research in different contexts and fields
  • New technology and technological innovation
  • X-Studies( e.g., Gender and/or Disability Studies)

The discussions will be held in English, or in the national languages.


This will be followed by an aperitif hosted by the Delegates' Meeting of the Swiss Association for Occupational Therapy, to which you are also invited free of charge.
The aperitif starts from 7 pm. 


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