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Shoulder stabilization technique using the medial glenohumeral ligament in patients with Buford complex: a report on three cases.
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
B. Cochard Vortragender HUG GenèveP. Martz Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de DijonG. Cunningham Clinique La Colline Genève
Regional and observer differences in determination of the humeral anatomic neck in 3D-CT models
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
D. Molinari Vortragender Kantonsspital BasellandF. Coigny Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNWL. Zwicky Kantonsspital BasellandA. Gerber Popp Kantonsspital BasellandH. Henninger University Orthopaedic Center Orthopaedic Research LaboratoryT. Suter Kantonsspital Baselland
The influence of radiographic viewing perspective on the acromial tilt and acromial slope angles
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
T. Suter Vortragender Kantonsspital BasellandN. Krähenbühl Kantonsspital BasellandY. Zhang Study Design and Biostatistics Center, Center for Clinical and Translational Science, University of UtahH. Henninger University Orthopaedic Center, Orthopaedic Research Laboratory, University of Utah
Are Angular Stable Plates More Accurate Than Tension Band Wiring To Reconstruct Ulnar Articular Surface After Olecranon Osteotomy?
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
P. Goetti Vortragender Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)D. Behrends Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)F. Becce Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)F. Vauclair Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)
Prospective Sensor Controlled Compliance Analysis Of Shoulder Abduction Brace After Rotator Cuff Repair
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
F. Grubhofer Vortragender Universitätsklinik BalgristK. WieserD. MeyerC. GerberS. Bouaicha
Rates of improvement following shoulder arthroplasty for proximal humeral fracture sequelae: register-based analysis and systematic review
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
A. Müller Vortragender Universitätsspital Basel (USB)L. Graf Universitätsspital Basel (USB)M. Flury Schulthess Klinik ZürichH. Schwyzer Schulthess Klinik ZürichL. Audigé Schulthess Klinik Zürich
Reliability of assessing shoulder kinematics using 3D motion capture
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
B. Friesenbichler Vortragender Schulthess Klinik ZürichR. Baumann ETH ZürichC. Grobet Schulthess Klinik ZürichB. Wirth Schulthess Klinik ZürichL. Audigé Schulthess Klinik ZürichN. Maffiuletti Schulthess Klinik Zürich
Biomechanical and Biological Response to Orthopedic Sutures: An Experimental Study in Sheep
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
D. MeyerA. Hasler Vortragender Universitätsklink BalgristS. WyssC. GerberK. Wieser
Addressing Instability in Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
P. Fornaciari University of Zurich, Department of Orthopedics, Balgrist University HospitalK. Wieser University of Zurich, Department of Orthopedics, Balgrist University HospitalF. Grubhofer Vortragender University of Zurich, Department of Orthopedics, Balgrist University HospitalL. Ernstbrunner University of Zurich, Department of Orthopedics, Balgrist University HospitalS. Bouaicha University of Zurich, Department of Orthopedics, Balgrist University HospitalC. Gerber University of Zurich, Department of Orthopedics, Balgrist University Hospital
Coronoid Injury is the Sole Outcome Modifiers in Reconstructive Treatment of Complex Radial Head Fractures.
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
P. Vavken Vortragender alphaclinic ZurichD. Rikli Universitätsspital Basel
Intra-observer agreement for a pathomechanical classification system for radial head fractures.
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
P. Vavken Vortragender alphaclinic ZurichD. Rikli Universitätsspital Basel
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
A. Arenas Vortragender Inselspital, Bern University HospitalL. Bolliger Inselspital, Bern University HospitalO. Karargyris Inselspital, Bern University HospitalM. Schär Inselspital, Bern University HospitalM. Zumstein Inselspital, Bern University Hospital
MRI Assessment of ligaments, plicae, and cartilage in the pediatric and adolescent elbow
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
P. Vavken Vortragender alphaclinic ZurichC. Camathias Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel (UKBB)
The Bra Strap Incision For Open Latarjet Procedure
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
F. Grubhofer Vortragender D. MeyerS. SchmidM. Von KnochT. GötschiA. Vlajkovic
Chronic sternoclavicular instability: technique and results of corrective clavicular osteotomy
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
S. Hirsiger Vortragender A. Hasler Universitätsklink BalgristP. FürnstahlC. Gerber
How reliable can the fragment dislocation in isolated greater tuberosity fractures be quantified?
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
S. Bigdon Inselspital BernR. Kohlprath Vortragender Inselspital BernL. Bolliger Inselspital BernM. Zumstein Inselspital BernM. Schär Inselspital Bern
International consensus for minimum radiological monitoring and complication reporting in shoulder arthroplasty: completion of a Delphi process
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
L. Audigé Vortragender Schulthess KlinikB. Salomonsson Karolinska Institutet Danderyds Sjukhus ABP. Moroder Charité UniversitätsmedizinS. LambertJ. Sperling Mayo ClinicR. Page School of Medicine, Deakin UniversityH. Schwyzer Schulthess ClinicH. Durchholz Klinik GUT
Custom, Patient-Specific Glenoid Component In Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty For The Treatment Of Complex Bone Deficiency Due To Multiple Shoulder Revisions: A Case Report.
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
D. Dimitriou Vortragender Bürgerspital Solothurn (Solothurner Spitäler AG)A. Antoniadis Bürgerspital Solothurn (Solothurner Spitäler AG)N. Helmy Bürgerspital Solothurn (Solothurner Spitäler AG)U. Riede Bürgerspital Solothurn (Solothurner Spitäler AG)
Revision and re-intervention rates after primary reversed shoulder arthroplasty – implication of different endpoint definitions in arthroplasty registries
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
C. Kolling Vortragender Schulthess KlinikL. Audigé Schulthess KlinikM. Flury Schulthess KlinikF. Moro Schulthess KlinikH. Schwyzer Schulthess KlinikM. Glanzmann Schulthess Klinik
Clavicle reconstruction with free vascularized peroneal graft in a case of chronic non-bacterial sclerosing osteomyelitis.
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
C. Pham Vortragender CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire VaudoisP. Goetti CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire VaudoisP. Omoumi CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire VaudoisP. Di Summa CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire VaudoisF. Vauclair CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire VaudoisS. Cherix CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois
Ariadne`s Thread: An easy way to find your way back to the glenohumeral joint through the posterior portal once you left
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
S. Bouaicha Vortragender K. WieserF. Grubhofer Vortragender Universitätsklinik Balgrist
Preservation of the osteochondral fragment in osteochondritis dissecans of the capitellum humeri
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
F. Weichsel Vortragender Hfr FribourgE. Gautier HFR Fribourg KantonsspitalP. Vial HFR Fribourg Kantonsspital
Development of a 3D biomechanical AC-joint model
Poster A1 - Schulter/Ellbogen
J. Sailer Vortragender N. Bless Universitätsspital Basel (USB)A. Stürmer Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNWA. Dietschy Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNWM. de Wild Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNWA. Müller Universitätsspital Basel (USB)
Isolated Trapezoid Fracture. A Rare Injury
Poster A2 - Hand
C. Bratschi Vortragender Spitalzentrum BielH. Segmüller Spitalzentrum Biel
Keep on Working with a Sterile Thumb Splint: A Case Report.
Poster A2 - Hand
S. Roner Vortragender Universitätsklinik BalgristP. Fürnstahl Universitätsklinik BalgristA. Schweizer Universitätsklinik BalgristK. Wieser Universitätsklinik Balgrist
Increased trapezial slope is associated with early trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis
Poster A2 - Hand
F. Aregger Vortragender Uniklinik BalgristA. Schweizer Universitätsklinik Balgrist
Is the recurrence of the fibroma of tendon sheath underestimated? An interesting case report and a revision of the literature
Poster A2 - Hand
E. Lüdke Vortragender GHOL - Hopital de NyonM. Maniglio HFR Hôpital Cantonal Fribourgeois and Clinique Générale St AnneH. Bäcker Columbia University Medical Center, Presbyterian HospitalG. Kohut HFR Hôpital Cantonal Fribourgeois and Clinique Générale S. Anne
ACDF and disc replacement revisited: Are we comparing the same thing?
Poster A3 - Wirbelsäule
F. Krappel Vortragender Spitalzentrum OberwallisV. Franken Spitalzentrum OberwallisA. Nieuwland Spitalzentrum OberwallisS. Schmid Spitalzentrum Oberwallis
The correlation of CT- and MRI based disc height as well as CT-based disc height loss as a surrogate parameter for more severe, MRI-based endplate degeneration in the lumbar spine
Poster A3 - Wirbelsäule
T. Jentzsch Vortragender UniversitätsSpital ZürichK. MantelK. SlankamenacG. OsterhoffC. Werner
Reliability of the Core Outcome Measures Index scores and a single-item measure of "success" in patients after surgery for central spinal stenosis.
Poster A3 - Wirbelsäule
S. Nauer Vortragender H. BeckerF. PorchetG. PichierriJ. BurgstallerJ. SteurerA. Mannion Schulthess Klinik
Evaluation of two in situ-gelating hydrogels for annulus fibrosus repair
Poster A3 - Wirbelsäule
A. Scheibler Vortragender Universitätsklinik BalgristT. Götschi ETH ZürichJ. Widmer ETH ZürichR. Camenzind Universitätsklinik BalgristJ. Snedeker University of Zürich and ETH ZürichM. Farshad Universitätsklinik Balgrist
Outcome of surgical treatment for degenerative disorders of the cervical spine: a large-scale study of prospectively collected data
Poster A3 - Wirbelsäule
A. Mannion Vortragender Schulthess KlinikD. HaschtmannD. JeszenszkyT. FeketeM. LoiblF. PorchetF. Kleinstück
Long-term results of the Burch-Schneider antiprotrusio cage
Poster A4 - Hüfte
T. Stark Vortragender Kantonsspital BasellandL. ZwickyP. OchsnerM. Clauss
Benign labral or retinacular tumors as a cause of femoroacetabular impingement. Report of 2 cases.
Poster A4 - Hüfte
C. Bassi Vortragender HFR Fribourg - Hôpital CantonalT. SolingerE. Gautier
AMIStem Collared: Radiological results at 1 year
Poster A4 - Hüfte
K. Pankert Vortragender aktuell Spital Thun, vormals Orthopädische Klinik am SZO, Standort BrigK. PankertA. Ottersbach Hopital Valais
Hip dysplasia and acetabular overcoverage negatively affect longterm outcome after open surgical treatment for cam-type FAI – a 15-year followup study
Poster A4 - Hüfte
I. Todorski Inselspital Universitätsspital BernT. Lerch Vortragender Inselspital, Universitätsspital BernS. Steppacher Inselspital Universitätsspital BernF. Schmaranzer Inselspital Universitätsspital BernM. Tannast Inselspital Universitätsspital BernK. Siebenrock Inselspital Universitätsspital Bern
Arthroscopic Fixation of Os Acetabuli in Symptomatic Femoroacetabular Impingement in a Professional Athlete
Poster A4 - Hüfte
R. Mazzucchelli Vortragender Spitalregion RWSS. Schär Kantonsspital St. GallenJ. Erhardt Spitalregion RWS
Active training therapy for the non-surgical management of femoroacetabular impingement syndrome: preliminary results of clinical effectiveness and imaging predictors
Poster A4 - Hüfte
N. Casartelli Vortragender Schulthess Klinik ZürichM. Bizzini Schulthess Klinik ZürichN. Maffiuletti Schulthess Klinik ZürichR. Sutter Universitätsklinik BalgristC. Pfirrmann Universitätsklinik BalgristM. Leunig Schulthess Klinik ZürichF. Naal Schulthess Klinik Zürich
Obesity and smoking do not influence eradication rates but predict functional failure of septic revision hip arthroplasty
Poster A4 - Hüfte
F. Klenke Vortragender L. OrlikC. AlbersK. SiebenrockS. Ahmad University of Bern
The influence of comorbidity on the risks and benefits of total hip replacement for hip osteoarthritis
Poster A4 - Hüfte
A. Mannion Vortragender Schulthess KlinikD. ArsoyF. ImpellizzeriS. NauerM. Leunig
Modified horizontal draping technique for the DAA without fracture table: Technical description and clinical results
Poster A4 - Hüfte
A. Carli Schulthessklinik ZuerichT. Guggi Schulthess Clinic ZuerichI. Gurnhofer Schulthess Clinic ZuerichH. RüdigerM. Leunig Vortragender Schulthess Klinik Zürich
Passive Kinematics of the Knee with Dynamic Intraligamentary Stabilization - A Thorough Biomechanical Study
Poster A5 - Knie
J. Häberli Vortragender B. VoumardC. KöstersD. DelfosseP. HenleS. EggliP. Zysset
Clinical and radiographic predictors of acute compartment syndrome in tibial shaft fractures
Poster A5 - Knie
L. Wuarin Vortragender Hôpitaux Universitaires de GenèveA. Gonzalez Hôpitaux Universitaires de GenèveP. Belinga Hôpitaux Universitaires de GenèveP. Hoffmeyer Hôpitaux Universitaires de GenèveR. Peter Hôpitaux Universitaires de GenèveA. Gamulin Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève
Tibial Tubercle - Trochlear Groove distance (TT-TG) in osteoarthritic knees
Poster A5 - Knie
B. Hochreiter Vortragender M. HirschmannF. AmslerH. Behrend
Poster A5 - Knie
A. Fischbacher Vortragender eHnv, site d'YverdonJ. Fischer eHnv, site d'YverdonO. Husmann eHnv, site d'YverdonA. Lunebourg eHnv, site d'Yverdon
Are outside in sutures safe and efficient for bucket handle meniscal tears? A prospective cohort study.
Poster A5 - Knie
B. Tschopp Vortragender CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire VaudoisR. Martin Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV)
Cartilage thinning occurs continuously with medial compartment knee osteoarthritis development: longitudinal analysis of data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative
Poster A5 - Knie
S. Edd Vortragender Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois and University of LausanneH. Babel Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois and University of LausanneB. Jolles-Haeberli Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois and University of LausanneP. Omoumi Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois and University of LausanneJ. Favre Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois and University of Lausanne
Outcome Measures in Clinical Knee Arthroplasty Research
Poster A5 - Knie
A. Krismer Vortragender F. Zingg Vortragender S. Ahmad University of Bern
The Clinical relevance of Blackburne-Peel ratio and modified Insall-Salvati ratio after Total Knee Arthroplasty.
Poster A5 - Knie
A. Ladurner Vortragender Kantonsspital St. GallenR. GerlachT. GraulichC. SprossH. Behrend
The effect of malpositioning of patient specific instruments in high tibial osteotomy
Poster A5 - Knie
P. Fürnstahl Balgrist University HospitalL. Jud Vortragender Balgrist University HospitalL. Vlachopoulos Balgrist University HospitalT. Götschi Balgrist University HospitalS. Fucentese Balgrist University Hospital
Training with a low fidelity arthroscopy triangulation simulator improves performance in high fidelity virtual knee arthroscopy
Poster A5 - Knie
S. Bouaicha Vortragender Universitätsklinik BalgristT. Jentzsch Universitätsklinik BalgristS. Epprecht Universitätsklinik BalgristL. Ernstbrunner Universitätsklinik BalgristS. Rahm Universitätsklinik Balgrist
Poster A5 - Knie
P. Tscholl Vortragender Geneva University HospitalsL. Ernstbrunner Balgrist University Hospital, University of ZurichS. Fucentese Balgrist University Hospital, University of Zurich
Reinterventions after Dynamic Intraligamentary Stabilization in Primary Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair
Poster A5 - Knie
J. Häberli Vortragender L. JabergK. BieriS. EggliP. Henle
Early and mid-term results of anatomic patellofemoral inlay resurfacing using the HemiCap Wave prosthesis
Poster A5 - Knie
R. Hutter Vortragender Kantonsspital GraubündenH. Bereiter Kantonsspital GraubündenH. Grehn Kantonsspital Graubünden
Is there a correlation between the 99mTc-HDP-SPECTCT Bone Tracer-Uptake and the ICRS score in knee osteoarthritis?
Poster A5 - Knie
F. Schiapparelli Vortragender Kantonsspital BasellandF. Amsler Amsler ConsultingN. Ammann Kantonsspital BasellandM. Hirschmann Kantonsspital Baselland
Posterolateral ankle arthrodesis with Talarlock® plate: biomechanical and clinical results
Poster A6 - Fuss
N. Gutteck Vortragender MLU Halle-Wittenberg
The Effect of Three Foot Types on the Achilles Tendon Lever Arm
Poster A6 - Fuss
M. Deforth Vortragender Kantonsspital BasellandL. ZwickyB. Hintermann
Evaluation Of The Distal Transverse Plantar Approach In The Surgical Treatment Of A Morton’s Neuroma
Poster A6 - Fuss
T. Ngo Vortragender CHUV / University of LausanneA. Michel-Traverso CHUV / University of LausanneH. Hassani Centre médical Medbase, Genève, SwitzerlandX. Crevoisier CHUV / University of Lausanne
Scarf osteotomy for the treatment of hallux valgus deformity: Evaluation of radiologic correction, metatarsal shortening and early complications.
Poster A6 - Fuss
C. Lenz Vortragender Orthopädiezentrum Kantonsspitäler Aarau/BadenK. EidP. Borbas
Segmental free gracilis flap for the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis after multiple surgery for Hallux Valgus deformity
Poster A6 - Fuss
G. Thürig Vortragender M. LottenbachD. KalbermattenV. ErardE. Gautier
A rare combination of Bosworth injury with Pilon and Open Talus Fractures. Systematic Approach of an Unusual Ankle Trauma.
Poster A6 - Fuss
K. Moerenhout CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire VaudoisG. Gkagkalis Vortragender CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire VaudoisR. Baalbaki CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire VaudoisX. Crevoisier CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois
Residual peak range of motion in the ankle with different orthoses during simulated walking
Poster A6 - Fuss
F. Thiele Vortragender Kantonsspital OltenS. Schuhmacher Vortragender Kantonsspital OltenS. Lorenzetti ETH ZürichS. Plüss ETH ZürichR. List ETH Zürich und Schulthess Klinik Zürich (Double Affiliation)J. Rhiner ETH ZürichC. Schwaller Kantonsspital Olten
Wound Necrosis Post Ankle Osteosynthesis Treated With Removable Splint Combined With Negative Pressure Therapy: Experience And Technical Points
Poster A6 - Fuss
C. Zuodar Vortragender Clinique La Colline, HirslandenC. Riesen Vortragender L. DrittenbassR. SternH. Kutaish-Stern Clinique La Colline, HirslandenM. Assal Clinique La Colline, Hirslanden
Computer Assisted Navigation In Surgery Of The Calcaneus
Poster A6 - Fuss
H. Kutaish-Stern Vortragender Clinique La Colline, Centre Assal, Foot and Ankle Surgery CenterL. Drittenbass Clinique La Colline, Centre Assal, Foot and Ankle Surgery CenterR. Stern Clinique La Colline, Centre Assal, Foot and Ankle Surgery CenterM. Assal Clinique La Colline, Centre Assal, Foot and Ankle Surgery Center
Fixation of avulsion fractures of the calcaneal tuberosity with anchor sutures
Poster A6 - Fuss
C. Stambolsky Vortragender HFR FribourgM. Lottenbach HFR Fribourg Kantonsspital
Comparative irradiation between peroperative 2D C-arm and 3D CBCT in children: a study on phantoms
Poster A7 - Spezialgebiet 1 | Kinder
M. Prod'homme Vortragender Hôpitaux Universitaires de GenèveM. Sans-Merce Hôpitaux Universitaires de GenèveN. Pitteloud CHUV / University of LausanneJ. Damet CHUV / University of LausanneP. Lascombes Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève; Université de Genève
Health-Related Quality of Life And Patient Satisfaction after Treatment for Idiopathic Scoliosis
Poster A7 - Spezialgebiet 1 | Kinder
T. Liebs Vortragender Inselspital, University of Bern.B. Schürer University of Schleswig-Holstein Medical Center, Kiel Campus
Traumatic posterior dislocation of the hip in a 6 year-old girl
Poster A7 - Spezialgebiet 1 | Kinder
C. Siebenmann Vortragender Hôpital cantonal FribourgC. PassaplanI. RaabeE. Gautier Hôpital cantonal Fribourg
Pediatric bilateral proximal tibial stress fracture in genua valga deformity after intensive sports activity
Poster A7 - Spezialgebiet 1 | Kinder
S. Gaukel Vortragender Kantonsspital WinterthurH. Huber Kantonsspital Winterthur
Traumatic obturator hip dislocation in a 15-year-old adolescent: A high-energy trauma. Report of a case.
Poster A7 - Spezialgebiet 1 | Kinder
Y. Durand Vortragender Hôpital Riviera-ChablaisC. BruyèreM. SagliniA. Michel-Traverso
Accidental sterility errors with implants during orthopaedic surgery: what to do?
Poster A7 - Spezialgebiet 2 | Infekte
M. Vautrin Vortragender CHUV / University of LausanneK. Moerenhout CHUV / University of LausanneG. Udin CHUV / University of LausanneO. Borens CHUV / University of Lausanne
Systemic tuberculosis with extensive involvement of the femur in a patient who never lived outside Switzerland
Poster A7 - Spezialgebiet 2 | Infekte
T. Bühler Vortragender Orthopädiezentrum Kantonsspitäler Aarau/BadenB. Wiggli Kantonsspital BadenG. Exner Orthopädie Zentrum ZürichA. Friedl Kantonsspital Baden
Advanced septic arthritis of the shoulder treated by a two-stage arthroplasty
Poster A7 - Spezialgebiet 2 | Infekte
P. Goetti Vortragender Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)F. Vauclair Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)N. Gallusser Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)O. Borens Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)
Treatment outcome of infected Total Knee Arthroplasty with severe soft-tissue damage
Poster A7 - Spezialgebiet 2 | Infekte
R. Osinga Vortragender Universitätsspital BaselM. Clauss Universitätsspital BaselD. Schaefer Universitätsspital BaselP. Ochsner Kantonsspital Baselland
Lessons learned from implant-related infection with Bacillus spp of the proximal femur: a rare and insidious complication after internal fixation of closed fractures
Poster A7 - Spezialgebiet 2 | Infekte
S. Ebert Vortragender Kantonsspital Winterthur (KSW)C. Meier Kantonsspital WinterthurS. Meili Kantonsspital Winterthur (KSW)P. Wahl Kantonsspital Winterthur (KSW)
Early complications and oncologic outcomes after treatment of soft tissue sarcomas with combined pre- and intraoperative radiotherapy
Poster A7 - Spezialgebiet 3 | Tumore
C. Kurze Vortragender Inselspital, Universitätsspital BernA. Kollar Inselspital, Universitätsspital BernC. Ionescu Inselspital, Universitätsspital BernF. Klenke Inselspital, Universitätsspital Bern
Recurrent priapism through subpubic cyst - a case report for interdisciplinary cooperation between orthopaedics and urology
Poster A7 - Spezialgebiet 3 | Tumore
N. Seiler Vortragender Kantonsspital St. GallenM. Tutal Kantonsspital St. GallenK. Grob Kantonsspital St. GallenD. Abt Kantonsspital St. GallenS. Keller Kantonsspital St. Gallen
Acute leg compartment syndrome after CT-guided core needle biopsy of a giant cell tumor of the proximal fibula. A case report.
Poster A7 - Spezialgebiet 3 | Tumore
G. Gkagkalis Vortragender CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire VaudoisK. Moerenhout CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire VaudoisB. Tschopp CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire VaudoisL. Mustaki CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire VaudoisA. Digklia CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire VaudoisI. Letovanec CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire VaudoisH. Rüdiger Schulthess Clinic, Zurich, SwitzerlandP. Omoumi CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire VaudoisS. Cherix CHUV, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois
Treatment of Unicameral and Aneurysmal Bone cysts by minimally invasive percutaneous injection of Grafton DBF Putty using the MedtronicR Cement Delivery Gun
Poster A7 - Spezialgebiet 3 | Tumore
G. Exner Vortragender Orthopädie Zentrum ZürichJ. Herrero Medtronic (Schweiz AG)
Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumor ("PVNS") of the Toes in two Pediatric Patients
Poster A7 - Spezialgebiet 3 | Tumore
G. Exner Vortragender Orthopädie Zentrum ZürichM. Kurrer Gemeinschaftspraxis für PathologieG. Maquieira FussZentrum Hirslanden
Human myogenic stem cells overexpressing VEGF provide angiogenesis and improve cell survival after transplantation in injured mouse skeletal muscles
Poster A8 - Grundlagenforschung
F. BermontJ. MénétreyD. HannoucheT. Laumonier Vortragender HUG Hôpitaux-Universitaires-Genèves
A Novel Regenerative Personalized Technology To Treat Cartilage Injury
Poster A8 - Grundlagenforschung
H. Kutaish-Stern Vortragender Clinique La Colline, HirslandenJ. Ménétrey Clinique La Colline, HirslandenD. Stafylakis Geneva University HospitalP. Tscholl Geneva University HospitalsD. Hannouche Geneva University HospitalsM. Assal Clinique La Colline, Centre Assal, Foot and Ankle Surgery CenterV. Tieng-Caulet Geneva University Hospitals
Force plates may be used for dynamic analyses of endoprostheses explantation procedures
Poster A8 - Grundlagenforschung
H. Kohlhof Vortragender Uniklinik BonnS. Köhring Technische Universität IlmenauS. Kohl Inselspital BernH. Witte Technische Universität Ilmenau
Validation of the Swiss Orthopedic Minimal Dataset (SO MD)
Poster A9 - Qualitätssicherung
H. Anwander Vortragender Luzerner Kantonsspital, Luzern, SwitzerlandU. Müller Medical Competence Center of the Swiss Post, Bern, SwitzerlandM. Beck Luzerner Kantonsspital, Luzern, Switzerland
Efficiency of a multidisciplinary approach to Osteogenesis Imperfecta: 6 years experience in a Swiss Tertiary Health Center
Poster A9 - Qualitätssicherung
A. Bregou Bourgeois Vortragender CHUVC. Richard CHUVS. UngerP. Schneider CHUVC. Essoki CHUVC. Paquier CHUVJ. Pasche CHUVL. BonaféA. Campos Fernandes Xavier CHUVD. Hans CHUVB. Rozier-Aubry
Video-assisted preoperative education in prosthesis surgery: Improving patient’s satisfaction by implementing educational videos in daily practice
Poster A9 - Qualitätssicherung
S. Gaukel Vortragender Kantonsspital WinterthurF. Kalberer Kantonsspital WinterthurP. Koch Kantonsspital Winterthur
Predictors for length of stay outliers: a retrospective case-control study of 8,247 patients at a level 1 trauma center
Poster A9 - Qualitätssicherung
T. Jentzsch Vortragender UniversitätsSpital ZürichB. SeifertV. NeuhausR. Moos